THICC FLEX Patch & Seal Waterproof Tape

THICC All Weather Patch & Repair Flex Waterproof Tape is an eco-friendly, incurable, one-sided and self-adhesive sealing tape and is made of butyl rubber by special processing. THICC All Weather Patch & Repair Flex Waterproof Tape is non-toxic, no contraction, anti-aging, safe and odorless. It can work well in preventing shakes, sealing, waterproofing, fire retardant and insulation.

Applications & Uses
Used to seal roofs, doors, windows and other parts of RV or cars. Bonds to metals, rubber, concrete, masonry, timber products, glass, u-PVC, polyacrylate, polycarbonate, polyester. Does NOT stick to silicone.


  • Simple installation with a permanent seal.
  • Immediately sticks to the surface.
  • Stops leaks and binds cracks, tears and seams.
  • Waterproof with corrosion protection.
  • Ageing-resistant, weather-resistant, ozone-resistant and UV-resistant.
  • Impervious to roots.
  • Non-hazardous and environment friendly.

Size: 4″ x 25ft

Color: Black – 33FLEX1023

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