Extraordinary projects deserve Extra Ordinary products.

Specialized contractors grade products, custom designed to meet your needs and industry standards. THICC products get down to business, ensuring you are satisfied with the job the first time.


Made for you, made strong and made sticky. The cheeky American-based THICC brand was developed for contractors who needed very specific products to do their jobs and to do them well.

Working closely with the customer to develop these products to meet all the necessary standards and codes, we have taken this contractor’s brand and now made it available to the end consumer as well.

The passion from of our team shines through in this fun light-hearted product, while it takes its work and requirements very seriously, ensuring the job gets done right, the first time.

The THICC brand was specifically developed for the U.S. Roofing market after numerous requests from our customers for specialized developed products for their industry and needs.

Starting off with the Seam & Flashing tapes, AAMA 711-20 Level 3 Certified specification for the Florida roofing market. This 12 mil tape meets & exceeds all standards with its superior acrylic adhesive.

Roofing and general purpose tapes, formulated to the highest standards.

All products developed for the THICC brand are done in the same fashion taking into consideration our customers needs.

National Adhesive prides itself in developing products under the THICC brand for project specific requirements.

Both general purpose and custom created construction fillers, adhesives & sealants, formulated to for extreme conditions and needs, as asked for, by you the customer.

featured products

thickness 12 mils
Acrylic Seam Tape
Roof, Deck, Window & Door Flashing
THICC AF - Kynar King


Acrylic Filler / Sealant
Industrial & Construction Adhesive

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